Friday, February 5, 2010

Project Life

Although the blog doesn't really reflect it, I've been taking a photo a day since last January. I was told about a great kit that had everything I needed to scrapbook my 365 photos. Beginning of January this year, I received my 2010 kit. Woohoo! Here's my photo from the day I received the kit.


Jessica said...

Hey Reb, you may not remember me, but you created a blog for my Facebook group Learn Photogaphy. I don't think you're a member of the group any more, which is totally fine of course, but I was wondering if you could change my permissions on our blog so that I am an admin and have more control over the blog. That would be really awesome, thanks.

Oh, and you've got some really great images here on your blog, they're really lovely.

Reb said...

Oh man, sorry about that, I guess I didn't realize when I set it up that you'd of course need permissions! :) You are now an admin!!
I am still in the Facebook group, just don't get around to adding photos or commenting much.