Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Down at the River

On Saturday, I packed up a picnic of tuna wraps, dill pickles, potato chips and iced tea and headed down to the river with Sean.
What a beautiful evening!
Pretty flowers!
My handsome husband.

Yes, pictures of me do exist! 
Normally, this is the face behind the camera...not in front of it!
What used to be a little stream that we had to cross on a log is now a large pond thanks to some handy beavers.
This is part of the "bridge" used to cross the pond. There isn't enough support under them though so we got a little wet...

Sean made a bunch of know the trick...grass between your fingers and then blow. FUN!

Besides being attacked by mosquitoes (quick fix with some afterbite) we had a lovely time!

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